Carbon Brushes for Electrical Applications

Superior Carbon Products manufactures all kinds of carbon brushes for electrical applications, sliding inserts for bridge cranes and rollers for current transmission. One of the greatest challenge of carbon brush manufacturing is the proper grade choice to optimize the equipment, motor or generator’s performance. Here it is important to take into account the real operating loads, duty cycles, tension, peripheral speed and environmental conditions under that the equipment has to work. There are sure also exogenous influences, in fact lots, affecting the correct performance and duration of the carbon brush.

SCP‘s staff is highly skilled in offer you the most suitable grade selection. The current grades are variations of raw material dosing, pressure moulding, furnace process temperature and duration, and ulterior treatments.

Typical /usual APPLICATIONS for electrical graphite:

– AC engines.
– Big CC engines
– Slip ring motors
– Tachometric dynamos
– Traction motors
– Turbo alternators
– Small automotive motors
– Rollers for converters
– Sliding inserts for bridge cranes

SCP manufactures carbon-brushes “tailor-made” to the customer needs.

Industries supplied by us with carbon brushes

Steel and laminating industry
Power stations
Wind power stations
Paper industry
Cement industry
Plastic industry
Lift machine industry
Industrial vehicles
Electroplating industry
Railways and undergrounds
Small-sized machinery
House appliances


General features of carbon/graphite materials

– Good thermal conductivity
– High temperature resistant
– Low friction coefficient, suitable for dry and wet operations
– Good mechanical resistance
– Low thermal expansion coefficient
– Self-lubricating
– High resistant to chemical agents, corrosion and oxidation
– Gran resistencia a agentes químicos, corrosión y oxidación
– Compatible with food handling and pharmaceutical products