Carbon for mechanical applications

Carbon/graphite due to its characteristics may be used for very different APPLICATIONS. Thanks to its long experience, Superior Carbon Products manufactures a wide range of products for mechanical applications, customized to our customer’s need.

Self-lubricating, low friction coefficient, for dry and wet operations.

High resistant to chemical agents, corrosion and oxidation, compatible with food handling and pharmaceutical products.

Low thermal expansion coefficient and good mechanical resistance.

High temperature resistance.

High temperature resistance.

Typical/usual APPLICATIONS:

-Vanes and rotors for compressors and vacuum pumps, made of graphite with resin impregnation. Manufactured tailored to customer’s requirements, matching specific tolerances in order to achieve an optimal performance.
– Graphite mechanical seals, that even work in dry conditions, with low friction coefficient and slow wear rate. Ball bearings, gaskets and guiding rings.
– Diamond sintering: plates and punches used for diamond tool manufacturing.
– Continuous casting and foundries, with specially for this application developed graphite grades, with specific features for thermal shock resistance, low wear rate and high chemical resistance. Crucibles, chills and moulds.
– Graphite for electric discharge machining EDM
– Graphite foil (Perma foil)
– Chills and cross structures for different industries (aluminium, glass…)

Industriess we usually sypply to

Chemical industry
Cellulose and paper industry
Pump and compressors construction and maintenance
Steel industry
Cement industry (sealing rings and lubricating plates)
Glass industry
Diamond tool industry